Saving virgin girls from sex slavery

Trokosi which means ‘slave of the fetish’ is an Ancient cultural practice among the Ewe groups of the West African countries of Ghana, Togo and Benin. It is a traditional system where virgin girls, some as young as six years old, are sent into shrines by their parents as slaves, to atone for crimes allegedly committed by family members, some dead several years back. These girls are held against their will and serve as sex slaves to the fetish Priests, some of whom are old enough to be their grandparents and are raped day in day out mercilessly often resulting in pregnancies. Some are also forced to work on farms under the scorching sun of sub-Saharan Africa and when they die, are supposed to be replaced by another virgin.

Our solution

Trokosi has been banned and abolished through a legal instrument by the Government of Ghana but is still being practised clandestinely. We intend to put a stop to this inhumane and evil practice, save those girls, rehabilitate them and have them integrated into the society. This, we will do by raising social consciousness through music, theatre and dance performances.